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A User’s Guide To Industrial Plastic Machinery

At Plastic Machinery & Parts, we offer plastic machines sourced from leading manufacturers around the world. Our network of manufacturers allows us to distribute top-notch plastic machines that you can depend upon for all of your business needs.

Whether you’re looking for industrial plastic machines, plastic bag machines, plastic extrusion machines or plastic packaging machines, we’ll work with you to determine which of our plastic machines can fulfill your needs. We take pride in offering a wide assortment of affordable and reliable plastic machines. If you’re looking to save even more on the cost of doing business, our pre-owned plastic machines are a great option. Our technicians offer service for all plastic machines.

We’ll come out to your location to perform maintenance on plastic machines, do repairs and ensure that your plastic machines are working as efficiently as possible. Our technical sales staff will work together with your planning, fulfillment and engineering staff to ensure that the plastic machines we provide to you are helping your business grow and thrive.

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Our Market
The market for our plastic machines crosses many industries and applications. From auto parts manufacturers to retail shopping suppliers, our plastic packaging machines and plastic bag machines fulfill many industrial, retail and production needs.

We’ve worked with buyers, including national retailers, auto supply companies, automobile manufacturers, technology companies and food suppliers to create custom plastic machines to protect and preserve the goods within the containers. If you need more information about our plastic machines, you can contact our technical sales staff at any time.

Our knowledgeable team will answer your questions about our plastic bag machines as quickly and completely as possible. You can also send any questions about our plastic machines using the form below.

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Why Purchase From Us
No matter whether you’re purchasing from our wide selection of used plastic machines, new plastic machines, plastic bag machines or plastic packaging machines, we stand behind our products. We offer a 100 percent guarantee on all of our plastic machines and our services.

In addition to distributing high-quality plastic machines, we also offer maintenance and repairs. You can call us any time for troubleshooting assistance, or we can come out to your location to diagnose any issues with the plastic machines we’ve supplied to you.

We take pride in providing you with plastic machines that are reliable, durable and custom tailored to meet your highest standards for accuracy and production efficiency. Our customers depend on us for reliable service, great value and name brand plastic machines that get the job done with a minimum of manpower.

More Information
We welcome all of your questions about our plastic machines. We can provide you with a listing of our available plastic machines or the product specifications for our plastic bag machines, plastic packaging machines or plastic extrusion machines. We also offer guidance on setting up, maintaining, cleaning and using our plastic machines.

For your convenience, our technical sales staff has answered some of our most common questions about new and used plastic machines below. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions about our products.

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Which Manufacturers Offer Used Plastic Machines?
If you’re looking for used plastic machines, you’re in luck when you select our company. We offer used plastic machines by many different plastic bag machines, plastic packaging machines and plastic extrusion machines manufacturers.

There are many benefits to selecting one of our pre-owned plastic extrusion machines, including lower cost, less down time so you don’t have to wait for new equipment to be manufactured and our guarantee of the quality of the product.  You can select our used equipment as an initial purchase or you can rent  equipment from us while your existing plastic machines are being rebuilt or refurbished by our experienced staff.

How Do Plastic Bag Machines Work?
Our plastic bag machines are available as new or used products. We offer a full selection of new and used plastic bag machines that produce different types of bags such as sideweld, flatbed, wicketers, bottom seal inline, bottom seal out of line and pouch-making bag machines. Our plastic bag making machines use a process referred to as blown film.

The plastic bag machines use plastic pellets. The plastic bag extrusion machines heat the pellets to around 500 degrees Fahrenheit to melt the pellets. An internal reciprocating screw within the machine pushes the melted plastic through a die that controls the thickness of the film. As the film emerges from the plastic machines, air is blown out to create a bubble in the film.

The machine squeezes the air out of the bubble and wraps the resulting layers of plastic film around a spindle. A heated knife is used to cut the plastic bags to the desired length. The heat is sufficient to seal the bags. Additional dies are used to cut handles. The bags can be printed with retail logos or wording as desired.


What Are The Uses For Plastic Extrusion Machines?
Our new or used plastic machines can be used for extrusion processes to create custom plastic containers, films and shapes. They push and pull heated plastic pellets through a die to create a long roll of film. Within the plastic extrusion equipment, additional dies then create preset cross sections to divide the film into individual units.

Our plastic extruder machine systems can be used to create plastic films for wrapping food, insulation, plastic pipes, automotive equipment and plastic tubing for medical use. Plastic sheet extrusion machines are typically used to produce plastic panels, stationery, film, food wrap, shrink wrap and corrosion-resistant adhesive tape.

The plastic extrusion process is straightforward and requires little hands-on time for your staff. Our plastic extrusion equipment can be programmed to create any size, shape and thickness of finished product. Our experienced staff can help you select the best plastic extrusion machine and accessories for your needs.

What Are The Benefits of Plastic Packaging Machines?
Plastic packaging machines use a specific plastic extrusion process to create customized packaging materials. Our plastic packaging machines can help you protect your products from production line to store shelf.

You can use plastic machines with many varieties of plastic pellets such as colored pellets for a unique package. Our plastic machines for packaging offer high efficiency and production levels. Choose from our used or new machines for your packaging needs and keep your products safe.