An Event for the Plastics Industry To Look Forward To In 2014

Are you gearing up for the 2014 Plastics Design and Molding Exhibition and Conference?

Organizers of the successful 2013 Conference of Plastics Design and Molding Exhibition made an announcement about returning the event back to the original venue at the International Center in Telford for the 2014 conference slated on June 18 – 19. The 2013 event was held in the same venue and due to the outstanding success in terms of exhibitors and visitors attendance. The numbers of exhibitors and visitors in this year’s (2013) event were reported as one of the best UK plastics events in the past years. There are over 50 exhibitors who have confirmed their participation in next year’s event.

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A lot of major business names from the United Kingdom have confirmed their participation for next year’s event. If these names Kuka Robotics, Pantone, Negri Bossi, Rutland Plastics, Distrupol, Gabriel Chemie, Chess Plastics, AK Industries, BMB Plastics Machinery, and many more, ring any bell, it is a clear indication of how big time the event will be on 2014.

Exhibitors’ Profile

Participating as exhibitors are plastics machinery manufacturers, toolmakers, masterbatch specialists, product design companies, rapid prototyping specialists, rotational and blow moulding machinery suppliers, moulders and mouldmakers, materials testing specialists, and software suppliers. 

Perfect Venue For Networking

Numerous exhibitors in the 2013 have quickly rebooked for the Conference in 2014, and all of them are saying how the 2013 event was fantastic for them, how busy they became and how they got new customers from all different industries. To many exhibitors, the event became a fantastic venue for networking.

Plastics Design And Moulding Exhibition And Conference 2014

The Plastics Design and Moulding Exhibition and Conference 2014 is the perfect venue for everyone involved in the plastic industry to network, learn the trade and do business.

Affiliate industry associations that support the 2014 Conference are Gauge & Toolmakers Association (GTMA), IOM3, Polymer Training, Innovation Centre, Polymer Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMMDA) and the British Plastics Federation (BPF).

Back To Original Exhibition Venue

Telford is home to more than 100 polymer-related companies and has been known as “plastic valley” for more than 20 years. Telford was also the venue for the debut Conference of the Plastics Design and Moulding Exhibition and Conference back in 2005.

The 2014 event will be co-located at the Telford International Center with the new Plastics Recycling Expo or PRE. It is the first conference and exhibition which is dedicated to plastics recycling. 

End-Use Markets

The Plastics Design and Moulding Exhibition and Conference 2014 is expected to draw designers and moulders representing the end-use markets including medical, packaging, automotive, electrical and electronics, sports, domestic and leisure goods focusing on market opportunities and future challenges faced by the plastics design & moulding industry.

The 2014 event will provide an excellent platform for developing new technologies, partnerships, methodologies, opportunities, and strategies with respect to the needs of the industry.

And most importantly, the exhibitors are bound to get an opportunity to make new customers, contacts, and sales.


Is your company ready for the 2014 event?