Bag Machine Parts New Level 1 Sales Agent


Date: Jan 30, 2013

Company News

Plastic Machinery & Parts LLC, (PMP), doing business as, (BMP)  has now become a Level 1 Sales agent for Pearl Technologies.   BMP has been selling Pearl Products for the past 12 months and will continue to offer the Pearl quality as well as their innovations in the market place. has had enormous success with the Pearl Product Line and is a perfect fit for the BMP business model.  BMP offers mechanical and electrical parts for the converting industry, and most specifically for bag machines. In addition, offering your everyday supply needs such as Teflon Tape, Teflon Fabric, punches, die soap and most accessories.


PMP offers a complete line of parts and supplies for the plastic extrusion and converting industries.  Utilizing their DBA,, they are able to provide a comprehensive website listing all parts, descriptions and pictures of their items.  BMP is also adding drawings and manuals to the website for easy access of the end user to locate and determine the correct parts needed.    PMP maintains an inventory of equipment and parts in its 12,500 Sq. FT. building located in Bohemia, New York.

Business Model

Rocco Panetta, of Plastic Machinery and Parts LLC, DBA, believes a business model that   “Eliminates delay in production for their customers is the best way to serve the industry.”  Manufacturers and converters of flexible plastic that utilize all of the resources of PMP/BMP are put in the best competitive position and will be provided with resources that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry.

Contact: Rocco Panetta

Plastic Machinery & Parts

125-190 Wilbur Place

Bohemia, New York 11716

631 277 2223