People Should Learn About Proper Disposal Of Plastic Bags

Have you come to realize what it would be like if there were no plastic bags around?plastic bags background, clipping path included

While there have been intensive campaign efforts to ban the use of plastic bags in supermarkets and grocery stores, especially, there can be no denying that it is in these two places where plastic bags are most useful. And those practical uses are what led to the invention of plastic bags.

Effects On The Environment

It’s true that plastics in general have their harmful effects on the environment. This has actually led to the implementation of local ordinances in many countries around the world that ban the use of plastics. By improperly disposing unusable plastics, they end up in places where their existence could pose great harm to the natural Eco-system.

Ban On The Use Of Plastic Bags

Banning the use of plastic bags does not solve or address the real problem. Instead, it just caused an unnecessary inconvenience for people who do their grocery shopping in bulk. While it is the general perception that recyclable paper bags are environment-friendly, the reality is, production of paper necessitates cutting of trees, which in essence is more harmful to the environment if the cut trees were not replaced with new ones. In addition, paper bags are not designed to carry heavy stuff. And what about wet items like fish? Can the paper bag hold the wet items from the grocery or supermarket up to your home?

Paper Bags To Co-exist With Plastic Bags

Given such situations, there is no reason why paper bags and plastic bags cannot co-exist together. The paper bag will take care of the lighter grocery items and the plastic bags will handle all the heavy and wet items. The key is in the proper use and re-use of plastic bags and proper disposal if they are rendered unusable. If people are trained to segregate garbage according to biodegradability, there is no reason for plastic bags to be banished from society. Plastic bags do not need to be in landfills they are recyclable and can be re-used over and over. They can also be used to make other useful products.Brown Paper Shopping Bag studio isolated

Practical Uses Of Plastic Bags

Practical uses for plastic bags include:

  • To keep trash or garbage
  • To serve as container for soiled baby diapers
  • To pick up dog poop on the lawn
  • To cover furniture using large plastic bags
  • To hold wet beach towels or clothes in large plastic bags

Increasing awareness about the importance of properly using and re-using of plastic / plastic bags can help instill a consciousness among people on the need to be responsible and eco-friendly when using the very products manufactured by sideweld bag machines. Plastic retail bags are used in a variety of ways which means they are here to stay for a long time or until such time when an equivalent substitute or practical alternative to plastic bags is developed and produced. Plastic bags are one of the few items that can be used over and over in its original state and can be used again to make a new product. No other material has that unique property.

Can you go for the paper bag all the way?