Is Plastic The Answer To Our Roadway Woes?

Plastic can be used for a range of infrastructure applications, but could it actually be used to rebuild our infrastructure? A Dutch construction company is now prototyping plastic-built roads that have been designed to be more ecofriendly, easier to update, and more enduring.  Though the concept is still in its earliest stages, could this be the answer to our many infrastructure woes?

This Company Wants To Test Plastic Roads That Can Be Made In a Factory | Gizmodo

plastic roadsImage Source: Gizmodo

“The idea is to recycle plastic from oceans into a tough aggregate that could be poured and molded into pre-fabricated “bricks” and installed on site quickly. […]The pieces would be hollow, allowing workers to run infrastructure through them like tunnels and replace these connections without digging up the road entirely. It would “also ideal for poorer soil,” the company explains, adding that ‘this applies to at least half of the Netherlands,’ where cities sit on swampy or sandy land. They’re not unlike lego roads—easy to snap together, remove, and alter. Most importantly, maybe, it collects all of the complex materials and systems that run through our streets into a single, protected layer.”

What are your thoughts on this idea? Do you see any obvious pitfalls that would trump the specified advantages? Are you eager to see what happens as the prototyping and testing phases of this idea continue? Share your input in the comments