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At Plastic Machinery & Parts, we source from well-respected manufacturers of high-quality plastic extrusion machines. Our stock of plastic extrusion machines includes systems of varying sizes and capacities to suit the needs of your applications.

Our line of plastic extrusion machines includes industrial plastic extrusion equipment, custom plastic extrusion machinery and used plastic extrusion equipment. We only have the best plastic extrusion equipment for sale.

As distributors of plastic extrusion machines, we also offer the other services your business needs to ensure proper operation of plastic extrusion equipment. Our knowledgeable staff offers repairs for plastic extrusion machines as well as maintenance for all makes and models of plastic extrusion equipment.

We’re able to provide these essential services for both new and used plastic extrusion machines. Our customers depend on us for the best possible customer service in the plastic extrusion machines distribution industry. When you want dependable plastic extrusion machines for sale, we’re here to help.

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Our Market
Our team is proud to supply plastic extrusion machines to a varied cross-section of industries and applications. Our new plastic extrusion machines and used plastic extrusion equipment is in use in publishing and printing, medical equipment and supplies, retail and shopping, food distribution, automobile manufacturing and parts supply centers.

From large corporations to government and small business enterprises, we’re here to fulfill your needs for plastic extrusion machines. You can find product specifications about plastic extrusion machines for sale on our website.

If you have questions about our plastic extrusion machines for sale, you can give our technical sales staff a call any time. You can also send us questions regarding plastic extrusion machines through our online form. We welcome all of your questions about our plastic extrusion machines.

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Why Purchase from Us
When you’re in need of plastic extrusion machinery, you want systems that you can depend upon for the long haul. At Plastic Machinery & Parts, we believe in providing you with high-quality plastic extrusion machines at an affordable price.

Our plastic extrusion machinery is backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Not only do we warranty our plastic extrusion machines, but we also guarantee any work we do on new or used plastic extrusion equipment. Instead of trying to find a repair service for the plastic extrusion machines you purchase from us, all you need to do is give us a call.

Our experienced technical service crew offers a rapid response to your need for service on plastic extrusion machinery. If your plastic extrusion machines need repairs, we offer loaner plastic extrusion equipment so you don’t have to deal with down time. You’ll benefit from our exemplary customer service, our wide selection of plastic extrusion machines and the affordability of our used plastic extrusion equipment.

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More Information
We take pride in helping current and future customers learn about the product specifications, uses and features of our plastic extrusion machines. Our technical staff is available to consult with your engineers and operations teams about plastic extrusion machinery and which plastic extrusion equipment is best suited to your application.

We’ve answered some of the most frequent questions about plastic extrusion machines for sale. If you have any additional questions about plastic extrusion machines, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to guide you through the selection, use, maintenance and repair of any type of plastic extrusion machinery.

Uses of Plastic Extrusion Equipment
Many of our customers are surprised to learn about all of the uses of plastic extrusion equipment. Our plastic extruder machines are used for a variety of applications such as the manufacturing and production of HD, LLD and LD polyethylene products.

Plastic extrusion machines are also used for the creation of plastic sheets and films. In addition to using new pellets in our plastic extrusion machines, you can also use recycled plastic. This makes the cost per unit very low especially if you choose from our used plastic extrusion equipment.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Plastic Extrusion Equipment
If you’re wondering whether you should purchase new plastic extrusion machines or used plastic extrusion equipment, we’re here to guide you through the selection process. At any given time, we have a spectacular selection of used plastic extrusion equipment in stock. This includes our low boy plastic extrusion machines, high boy plastic extrusion machines and twin screw plastic extrusion machinery.

If we don’t have the plastic extrusion machines in stock that are pre-owned, we’d be happy to alert you when we do have refurbished plastic extrusion machines for sale. When you choose used plastic extrusion machines, you’ll get our quality guarantee as well as our commitment to your satisfaction.

We fully test all of our used plastic extrusion machines before we list them for sale or ship them to your business. Our company has built a solid reputation for durable and trustworthy used plastic extrusion machines for sale.

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Reasons to Purchase Industrial Plastic Extrusion Machinery
Instead of being dependent upon some other business for your plastic extrusion machines and services, keeping your plastic extrusion machines in-house has many benefits. You can ramp up your production as needed.

Our plastic extrusion machines are easy to operate and can increase your facility’s efficiency. Choosing our plastic machines for sale can also help you lower per-unit costs and increase your profit margin.

What Are the Types of Plastic Extrusion Machines For Sale?
The manufacturers of our new and used plastic extrusion equipment include Sterling, Alpine, Varex, Dolci, Ponti and more. The extrusion lines on our equipment ranges from 0.1 inches to greater than 6.1 inches on our low boy extruders and from 0.1 inches to greater than 6.1 inches on our high boy extruders.

Our extrusion line equipment includes mono layer, multiple layer, high density, sheet, coat, injection molding and profile lines. We also offer plastic machinery extrusion lines for sheet, cast and profile extrusion.