Plastic Machinery & Parts (PMP)

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Rocco Panetta
Plastic Machinery & Parts
125-190 Wilbur Place
Bohemia, New York 11716
631 277 2223

The plastics industry welcomes a new Plastics Machinery Company, Plastic Machinery & Parts LLC, (PMP), founded by Rocco Panetta.  PMP will buy and sell used machinery in the flexible film industry; providing new and used equipment opportunities with parts, supplies and service for all your production equipment. Utilizing their worldwide network of machinery manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and agents in order to provide you with all of your production options, whether it is new or used machinery that you need to buy or sell.

PMP offers a complete line of plastic extrusion and converting equipment with representation for new equipment as well.  With an established network world wide of machinery dealers and agents to help find what you need and help sell what you have.  PMP maintains an inventory of equipment and parts in its 12,500 Sq. FT. building located in Bohemia, New York as well as surplus equipment inventory available worldwide.

Rocco, of Plastic Machinery and Parts LLC, believes a business model that offers new and used machinery is the best way to serve the industry and their clients.  This approach provides accountability for their client’s best interest.  This allows for integration of multiple product lines to accomplish the highest production output, fastest start up and the best price.  Flexible plastic manufactures and converters that utilize all of the resources of PMP will put them in the best competitive position and will be provided with resources that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry.