The New Scheldahl Authorized Manufacturer And Supplier

What’s the latest with Plastic Machinery & Parts?

plastic machineryAside from continuously serving the needs and requirements of its plastic industry partners and clients, Plastic Machinery & Parts or PMP, has struck yet another milestone in their operations – that of becoming the Intellectual Property (IP) owner and primary authorized provider of Scheldahl bag machines, parts and equipment.

What the Brand Scheldahl Means

A well-known brand, Scheldahl is recognized by industrial and commercial producers as a key original manufacturer of bag machines, parts and accessories. And PMP is proud to have been given the opportunity to carry on the Scheldahl tradition of excellence and quality in bag manufacturing machinery. This new opportunity is in line with the company’s commitment to expanding production capabilities and providing better services to their plastic manufacturing clients and dealers throughout the country.

The New Scheldahl Bag Machine Innovative Features

The new Scheldahl bag machine product line will include the latest and most updated versions of bag machine attachments specifically engineered to improve production efficiency and enhance the capabilities of bag manufacturers. Plastic bag manufacturers can now incorporate new features such as:

  • new handle hole punches
  • zipper applicators
  • heat sealers

Benefits To Plastic Bag Manufacturers

Plastic bag manufacturers will benefit from reduced equipment cost and more efficient plastic machinery after sales and technical services. This is in addition to more modern manufacturing innovations under the stewardship of the leading new and used plastic extrusion machinery supplier, Plastic Machinery & Parts.

What PMP Hopes To Achieve

The company’s Chief Operating Officer, Rocco Panetta explains, ”This will really help us reduce our operation cost and make Scheldahl machinery and accessories available in less time. We look forward to passing this efficiency and lower cost on to our customers.” This is what the new Sheldahl Intellectual Property ownership, capabilities and upcoming product line should translate to. PMP is excited and eager to show how their new capability expansion will positively impact and benefit their customers. In addition to this new and exciting development, Plastic Machinery & Parts also offers S-parts that are compatible with Scheldahl and Roan bag machines.   Want to know more about Scheldahl bag machines?