Will This New Technology Help You Get That Last Drop Of Ketchup Out Of The Bottle?

Flexible plastic bottles have made it easier to package, transport, buy, sell, and use all manner of foods, especially condiments and other liquids. While the ability to squeeze out a serving of jam or mayo is a great deal more convenient than using a spoon or knife, there’s one major draw back: that last bit that clings to the sides of a container. Possibly serving to eliminate the waste and frustration that comes from such a commonality, a new development could make it so that plastic and other types of food containers can be emptied clean. The food-based coating may add a whole new selling point to certain types of food and may even change the packaging industry.

Non-stick mayonnaise packaging being developed | BBC News

non stick may

Image Source: BBC News

Orkla is the first food manufacturer to announce a deal with US company Liquiglide to use its non-stick coating in product packaging. […] Liquiglide says its coating is ‘completely harmless’ and meets safety standards because it ‘can be made entirely from food’. […] A customized version of the coating is created for each product, resulting in a ‘permanently wet’ surface inside containers that helps the product slip out. In March, the company reached a deal with US glue brand Elmer’s to use the technology in its products. It told the BBC it was working with 30 companies, including some of the biggest consumer brands in the US.”

While the success of this addition will depend on how well consumers understand and respond to it, do you think this technology is a smart investment for food packaging manufacturers? Would you want to put to it use on your products? Comment and share your thoughts.

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